Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Official Pictures from the Marathon

I saw a lot of photographers out on the marathon course yet somehow I only got pictures from mile 9 and the finish line.  Maybe it was because we all looked like zombies later in the race? 

This is mile 9ish.  I'm looking great here.  I'm feeling great here.  I look like I could run forever.  And look at me kicking the boys' buns!!!

I thought I was going to be so cool at the finish.  I took off my iPod, I took off my sunglasses, and then I *tried* to throw up my hands at the finish line.  Instead all of my finish line pictures look like I'm dancing.  I'm so cool.

What's your most awesome (most awesomely bad) race photo?

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Carina said...

The first race I ran after getting back from the trip where I got engaged was a half marathon. I attempted to flash the ring at photographers while giving a huge (and genuine) smile, and I ended up looking like I was trying to do that stupid "retarded" pose we used to do as kids. Not PC, but the best way to describe how I look in those pictures is developmentally disabled.