Sunday, September 07, 2014

Week in Review

Ugh!  I just didn't have the week I was hoping for.  The weather was terribly hot and my motivation was in the toilet.  We'll just call it a recovery week and move on to next week.

Planned: 2300 swim with lots of butterfly.
Actual: I'll excuse coach because she obviously had pregnancy brain when she wrote this workout.  I can't do butterfly and I certainly can't do a lot of it.  So, I hopped in the outside pool for the last time for the summer and did 2300 yards straight.

Planned: 40 minute run
Actual: It was crazy hot so I did this on the treadmill. 4.19 miles

Planned: 55 minute run with 10K pace intervals; 30 minute strength routine
Actual: Ran at the local hilly metropark and was hoping to do a longer run.  Only make it one loop and felt terrible.  5.6 miles, 51:26.

Rest Day

Planned: 1 hour speed workout; back strength training
Actual: Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  I suck.

Planned: 45 minute easy run
Actual: So damn hot outside!!!  5.15 miles

Planned: 10K walking "race"
Actual: New Albany 10K Walking Classic.  Race report coming tomorrow.

Swimming - 2300 yards
Running (walking) - 21.14 miles

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