Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Fight! Fight!

Yesterday was a double dose of workouts: 4 miles of running and 45 minutes of spinning class. An interesting thing happened at the spinning class. This class is always full and last night was no exception. We were there 25 minutes early and we weren't even the first people in line. There are groups of people who attend this class together and hold bikes for each other, which kind of ticks me off but I would expect Dave to do that for me and vice versa. Anyway, this girl was saving a bike for a guy and another guy came up and sat on the bike. Well, the guy who was supposed to have the bike told him it was his bike and then you will not believe what happened! They started shouting at each other over a stupid aerobics class! Then one of the guys made some remark about the girl and she started yelling at the guy. The best part about this whole thing was that the instructor is a huge guy who could kick both their butts and escorted the guy who didn't belong to the bike out of the class. Very entertaining!

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