Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Those F@$&ing Drivers

GRRRR!!!!! What is so hard about moving over to share the road with a runner??? Yesterday I ran a route close to the high school that I usually do on sidewalks. The sidewalks are still covered in snow and I didn't feel like running in snow. So I took my run to the roads and did what I was supposed to--ran against traffic. I was almost hit so many times!!! And one time I tripped on a piece of compacted ice and snow and almost fell into traffic because traffic had not moved over. I'm going to start a rotation of shirts. One is going to say, "Hang Up Your Cell Phone and Pay Attention." And the other is going to say, "Move Over!" This just backs my theory even more, and I swear I'm going to take this to legislation, that every four years when you go to get your license renewed you should be mandated to take the written test over again. I would bet not a lot of people could pass it. Or at least, that's the way it seems from observation.

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