Friday, February 11, 2005

Last Night's Spinning Class

There starting a new thing at Lifetime Fitness that's going to be used for the next quarter. Everything is going to be centered around anaerobic threshold and training on heart rate in the different zones. This is all fine and very effective, however, I'm going to say that 99% of people don't have or wear a heart rate monitor nor are they at that level of training where they should even care what their anaerobic threshold is. They're also focusing on burning fat and that means riding at 190 rpm. So, the whole class last night was at the same speed no matter if we were standing, climbing, or in the saddle. It sucked. I didn't like it. The instructor said it would be good for me, but I told him that I take spinning to replace my sprinting workouts and I'm already in great aerobic shape. I run in zone 2-3 where I do the most fat burning. I was just really bored by the class last night and I hope it doesn't continue.

In other news, my eye surgery is this afternoon. I have mixed emotions between completely scared and completely confident. I think I'll feel better once the procedure gets started and once I take that Valium. :)

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Val said...

I hope the surgery went great, Meredith! Tell Dave to take good care of you & relax. This is your chance to take it easy for a change. Hehe! Looking forward to details =)