Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Alum Creek Multisport Festival Update

The results were posted from the triathlon this past weekend. I finished first in my age group, actually beating somebody. Here's the breakdown of my race:

Bike-2:19:48 (16.0 mph)
Run-51:43 (8:21)

I don't know about this multisport stuff. I thought I had done pretty good on Sunday despite the horrible bike ride, but now I am thinking that I suck. I thought I was one of the first ones out of the swim, but it turns out I was 10th out of 14. Surprisingly, I was not the worst person on the bike. There were actually three people slower than me (although I think they were all BIG guys). And I was 7th out of 14 on the run, which I think is acceptable. I just really hate being average. I'm not average in running and I want to be better in both multispot and running. There are just not enough hours in the day to get all the training in that I need.

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Andrea said...

um, hello - you finished first in your age group, I'd say that's not just average! Don't forget, you've spent years running, so naturally you're going to be strongest in that venue. If you devoted the time to biking that you did running, you'd be outstanding there as well, because of your drive and determination.
I guess the biggest question is where your passion lies.