Thursday, June 30, 2005


About a week ago I went to the doctor's office to have some things checked out and when they weighed me it said 118. The doctor's scale is always a little high so I didn't think anything of it. That afternoon while waiting at the pharmacy I did the self-diagnostic thing and weighed myself and it said 117. Dave said it was always off so again I didn't think anything of it. Yesterday I did my swim at the gym instead of the outdoor pool and stepped on the scale. It said 116. Okay so all the scales must be right, which means I've put on four pounds since I've started training for this triathlon. My mom says it's all muscle and it's all in my calves, but I'm paranoid about my weight. I don't like weighing 116. 116 is close to 120 and I just think that's unacceptable for myself because I workout so much and because being only 5'1" any amount of extra weight shows. Just look at the pictures below. One is of me and one is of my friend Jeannie. She and I have about the same workout regimine and look how much skinnier she is than me. I've got to start eating better and buy a scale.

Okay I am having trouble getting the pictures to work correctly. I'll try again later, I guess.

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Andrea said...

scales don't mean much, so don't worry about that. how do you feel? Remember when you realized you need to eat more fat to actually lose weight, b/c you're body doesn't have enough fat to spare? Think about things like that. Don't compare yourself to anyone else, just concentrate on yourself and being healthy. Yes, eating properly would be a good thing, but don't let a scale dictate your food intake. You're training alot, because your body is going to need that fuel in just a few weeks.