Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Don't you just love that song by Will Smith...summer, summer, summertime. Makes me want to dance, but you don't want to see that, unless you've been drinking a lot or I've been drinking a lot and then it's just downright funny.

Anyway, yesterday was a swimming workout that I did in an outdoor swimming pool, hence the reference to summertime. (Get it now?) My swim was 6 X 500, which should have been 6 X 20 laps, but I think the pool was actually a 20 yard pool and I'm not quite sure how that calculates. So, I did 6 X 20 laps anyway. Being that it was a public pool there was only one lap lane and it was full when I got there. I swam beside the lap lane because there were still lines on the bottom of the pool and I thought no one would bother me because there wasn't really anyone close to that side of the pool. As soon as I jumped in, though, people seemed to swarm to that side of the pool and I had to keep the lookout because the others seemed to always want to be in my path. Made me angry. Then the lap lane came available and I moved over there. During the last 20 laps of my swim, I shared it with some other dude. Well, at least I can head back to the gym after this week's renovations.

Today is a bike/run workout so we'll see how that goes considering it's going to be over 90 degrees.

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Val said...

Oy vey- stick some ice cubes in your shirt. You're brave to be out there in this heat. Be careful! =)