Monday, June 13, 2005

Why the darn bike?

Why does a triathlon have to involve a bike? Why can't it involve anything else, like inline skating or something? I really hate riding a bike!

Yesterday a group of us met at Alum Creek to do a triathlon run through. We did about a mile of swimming, which for me went pretty well. I decided not to try to spot anything, just try to swim in a straight line and if my hands start hitting bottom, then I know I'm pulling to the right. It helped a lot. Then we did about 16 miles of biking which I totally got left behind. I know I'm not a good biker, but I was really struggling yesterday. Then we did a 5K run which was short of a 5K, but I still did pretty well on.

Thank goodness I had a good 10 mile run on Saturday and the running is what is really important to me.

This week is a fall back week and then I have a long triathlon this coming Sunday.

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Val said...

Hehe- I never bike, so you're a step ahead of me. Haven't been on one since we lived in Toledo! =o I hope you have a nice weekend and that your biking is more to your liking. Hehe!