Monday, June 27, 2005

Maybe All This Training is Paying Off

Yesterday was the Wendy's Triathlon. It's a huge triathlon at Alum Creek that attracts a lot of first timers and is very poorly organized. It's a sprint triathlon that consists of a 1/2 mile swim, 16.8 miles of bike, and a 5K run. I spent all day Saturday working on the patio with Dave and my dad and really didn't feel like racing yesterday, but did really well.

I struggled a little in the swim just because there were a lot of people and no one could swim a straight line. The water was really shallow and at points I would stand up and walk just to get around people who were in my way. Swim time = 14:46.

Knowing that the bike was a lot shorter than what I have been riding I decided to do the best I could and really went after it. It was fun to actually pass people instead of being the one passed all the time. I had a scary moment when I took a turn too quickly and clipped my pedal on the ground. I didn't fall but did veer off into the grass, but recovered well. Bike time = 57:53.

The run went really well, as always, and didn't get passed by anyone. I finished second in my age group on the run only behind Jeannie who's a beast. Run time = 22:36.

Overall I went 1:39:54 and finished 8th in my age group out of 26, which is a much better showing than my previous races. Maybe if I keep working on my bike, I might be a triathlete yet!


Andrea said...

uhm...22:36 for your 5K? Girl, you just PRed at the end of a triathlon!!! Great job!!

Val said...

I wish we could come see you do one of these. It sounds like so much fun! Way to go!

Meredith said...

Val--triathlons aren't very spectator friendly. A lot of time is spent out on the bike and there you can't see anything and you certainly can't tell who's who in the water.

Andrea--I'm not sure about the times. My overall time is the same that I had on my watch but the split times were a bit different. I'm not counting it as a PR because it wasn't a running race. I'm doing a 5K on Monday. We'll see then.