Tuesday, January 10, 2006

HRM Training Sucks

On Saturday I decided not to run at 70% and ran with the group. It felt really fast even at an 8:00 mile because I had been doing the whole week around a 12:00 mile. As the run went along we got faster and faster and I tried to push to see if my max heart rate was incorrect. Of course the highest I could get was 192. I did a slow lap around Antrim Lake when finished with the 7 mile loop of the north end of the Olentangy Trail and still finished with an 8:23 pace for the whole run.

Yesterday the plan was to do 4 miles at 70%. My watch was beeping all over the place. I couldn't even hold my heart rate under 70% when I was walking. It was really ticking me off. So I turned the alarm off and just ran a slow comfortable pace and held my heart rate around 160 bpm. When I got back to the school to finish my last mile around the track, I decided to run some 400s to see if the 193 max was correct. Wouldn't you know I couldn't get it above 193?! Boy was I steamed!

So I guess the 153 is correct for 70%. I just have to keep reminding myself that I have to stick with the plan and it will get better and faster. Right? RIGHT?

Congratulations to my buddy Jeff for qualifying for Boston in the OC Marathon. And another congratulations to my girl Andrea who completed the Goofy Challenge Plus at Walt Disney World this last weekend. She ran the half marathon, the 5K, and the marathon.


jeff said...

i'm really thinking about getting an hrm too. my coach was saying that your slow runs should be so slow that nobody will want to run with you and your fast runs will be so fast that nobody can keep up with you. without an hrm, i'm always tempted to push too hard.

thanks for the shout and the support!

Michelle said...

wow--I figure I'm doing good if I bowflex and take a 30-minute walk on alternating days--haha! good luck