Thursday, January 26, 2006

Too Dang Cold

It's too dang cold outside to do this heart rate training. The plan was to do 9 miles at 70% of max. Well, it was like 20 degrees outside and running that slow would have been too cold and too long. I decided to take it slow, but fast enough that I could get warm and work up a sweat. It snowed the whole time during the run. It was more like snow pellets than snow flakes. I got the nine miles done in 81 minutes; 9 minute miles. I'm pretty sore today. It's a good thing I'm taking the day off. I don't think I could handle any more running today. Tomorrow's plan is to do 12 and Saturday I'll run 5 in the afternoon. I have a track coach's clinic tonight, tomorrow, and Saturday so I've had to rearrange my schedule a bit this week.

Have I mentioned I have a toe that has been numb since Monday? How weird is that? I'm thinking I pinched a nerve.

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jeff said...

numb toe? wow, it really IS cold there! have fun at the clinic!