Monday, January 30, 2006

I'm a Failure

Yep, I'm a failure. I worked so hard this month to get all my miles in and I failed this weekend. Life screwed me up. Well, life and forgetting to pack your sports bra twice in one week! I didn't get in my 12-miler this weekend, but I'm not sweating it. Life is more important than running and missing one run isn't going to hurt me with 11 weeks still to go until the marathon. I am going to still reward myself for completing the month, if I get in my runs today and tomorrow. Really shouldn't be a probably.

So I was doing some thinking last night. How well do you know your city? I once visited a friend who lives in the suburbs of Chicago and he didn't know what to show me in the city because he rarely went to the city. I thought that was very strange. But I was thinking last night, what would I show people in Columbus if they came here to run the marathon? (Hint, hint! Dude, people, this is a great FLAT marathon here. If you want to qualify for Boston or have some big time goal, this is the place to do it.) I'm thinking of compiling a list of things that I have and haven't done around this city and then completing them. So, how well do you know your city?


jeff said...

that's a really good question. i can show folks some of the natural sites, take them kayaking on the ocean and running in the hills...but that's about the extent of it!

Nic said...

First time reading your blog and I think it's great! I'm inspired by your times, too. I hope to qualify for Boston this year. We shall see...

Anyway, I thought I'd comment that I grew up oustide Philadelphia but I have never seen the Liberty Bell. Since then I've lived in Washington, DC and now San Francisco and I love being a tourist in my own city. Get out there and explore!