Thursday, January 19, 2006

Ralph the Dog

Remember when Ralph the Dog sang "Can't live with them, Can't live without them?" Yeah, I could definitely do without the dogs. I went on a 5-1/2 run yesterday around a country block near my parents' house. It was too dang cold to run with the heart rate monitor so I just ran at my pace. Everything was going great too until I came down off a little hill and I saw a big dog roaming this trailer park. You know it's a big dog when it's not wearing a collar but wearing one of those harnesses that goes around it's front legs. As I approached the trailer park I slowed to a walk and kept a watchful eye out for the dog. I saw the dog around one of the trailers and two children were playing with it. It was a freakin' pit bull and two children were playing with it! I walked until it was way out of sight then I started running again.

As I approached the end of that road there were two more dogs who yapping at me. But they were little weiner dogs and they seemed to run along an invisible fence in their yard so I didn't worry about them.

Turning onto the next road I noticed a man out getting his mail and he had three dogs with him. As I came to the house his dogs came running out to the edge of the property barking and lunging toward me. These dogs were terriers (I think) and the man kept saying, "don't worry they won't hurt you." But they sure looked like they were going to hurt me. I walked through that section too.

Finally onto the last road of my run and I saw a dog running down the middle of the road. From far away it looked really tiny and it appeared to be running away from me, so I kept on trekking. I got to the road my parents live on and turned toward home and there was the dog. I stopped and told it to go home and it seemed very scared and turned and ran the other way. If only all the dogs ran away when I yell at them.

The past two times I've done this run I've had dog troubles. I guess I'll have to scratch this route off my list. I don't live in a place that has many trails and I don't like to run the same route everyday. Sometimes you have to run the roads. Yesterday I had to run the roads as it was snowy and really cold and the trails wouldn't have been clear. But, I'm not going to lose my limbs or my life to a dog, so I guess I'm going to have to find another route.


jeff said...

can't remember if i recommended it before, but jon raves about his 'dazer'. it's like a little clicker that you point at the dogs. stops them dead in their tracks and after a couple encounters they'll stop even coming after you.

Brit said...

as someone who has suffered dog bites..I'll just quote Ralph the Dog when I say "i hope that something better comes along"