Monday, July 10, 2006

Go Speed Racer Go!

Dude! I did some fast running this weekend.

I started with 6 miles on Saturday morning with the group. But, no one I usually run with showed up so I had to run with Bridget and Brian who are way faster than me. Bridget kept talking to me and the only way for me to hear her was to keep up with her. The faster she talked, the faster she ran. And she kept saying, "let's chase down that person." As we were finishing the 6 miles I looked at my watch and freaked out! I did the run in 41:41. That's sub-7:00s folks!

Then on Saturday afternoon I did the Columbus Running Company's 1-Mile Dash. I had done a one mile race several years ago and had done a 6:15, so I was hoping to do a little better this time. I really wanted to do under 6:00, but it was really hot and I was feeling thirsty and I didn't know if that was going to happen. There were a ton of high schoolers at this race, which made me really nervous. The race was point-to-point with one turn and seemed a little downhill. I came through the quarter mile in 1:23 and came through the halfway point at a 5:40 pace. Although my lungs were not burning and I felt like I wanted to push, my legs just wouldn't go any faster. I crossed the line in 6:02. I think I won my age group, but the results seem to be a little screwed up. It has me in the 15-19 age group and the 19-24 age group. I don't think they gave out awards and I didn't stick around to find out. I'm pleased with the results.


jessie_tri_mn said...

Smoking fast weekend!! Nice miler, I've heard those are much tougher to race than a 5K

Andrea said...

6:02, holy crap!!!! congrats!

Nic said...

"I'm pleased with the results."


I need to find a super fast runner friend. It's kind of scary for me to realize now that I'm faster than all of my friends...

And yet, kind of cool at the same time!

Anyway, great work! I'm impressed!

Susan said...

Um Wow! That's fast. Nice job.

desiree said...

Dude. I nearly dropped my cigarette and spit out my bic mac on the screen near my 32 ounce slurpy cup filled with jack daniels when I read your time.


I've only done half marathons before. Did you ever do the one in Tahoe? It is beautiful and I bet you'd kick some booty.

Meredith said...

I have done all my half marathons except for one in Ohio. The other one was in NYC and I only did that one because I was on vacation there at the time. I've done a few marathons outside of Ohio, but not many. Maybe I'll look into that race. Thanks for the suggestion.

desiree said...

sic: big mac not bic mac

The only tough thing with the Tahoe marithon is the elevation if you aren't used to it.