Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thursday Thoughts

1. What television show(s) are you a little embarrassed to admit that you're watching?

2. What character of TV are you most like?

3. What reality show can you not do without?

4. Do you watch any game shows? If yes, which one(s)?

5. Which TV show do you wish they would bring back?


Meredith said...

1. So many shows I shouldn't let you all know that I watch. The Hills, Cheyenne, Laguna Beach, Gilmore Girls, Boy Meets World, So You Think You Can Dance, and the list goes on...

2. My friends from college would say I'm like Monica from Friends. My friends at work would say I'm like Elaine from Seinfeld.

3. I like real reality shows: The Amazing Race and The Mole (I love you, Anderson Cooper!).

4. Jeopardy, baby!

5. I wish The Wonder Years would come back or at least by played in syndication so I can Tivo it. And The Mole. Did I mention I love Anderson Cooper?

Shelley said...

1. Big Brother
2. Karen from Wil & Grace..people just don't "get" me..:-)
3. Survivor
4. Deal or No Deal..that's about it.
5. American Dreams..loved that show.

Noj said...

1. Not a show, but I still watch Chicago Cubs games even though they are the worst team in baseball.

2. Will Smith from the Fresh Prince.

3. I don't watch Reality shows anymore.

4. Family Feud.

5. The Wayans Brothers and Cosby Show.

jessie_tri_mn said...

Cute picture!

1. Windfall. I'm embarrassed because it SUCKS, but I guess I have nothing better to do on Thursday nights.

2. No idea here...

3. Amazing Race.

4. None.

5. I was bummed when arrested development was cancelled.

desiree said...

1. Veronica Mars (because I might secretly have a HUGE crush on an actor playing an 18 year old...creepy) and Girlfriends (UPN again, hmmm)

2. No idea

3. I can do without any of them but I do like me some Amazing Race, Celbrity Mole (was that "reality?") and America's Next Top Model

4. If I need company whatever is on. Jeopardy (I'm damn good except in anything related to sports), Wheel! Of! Fortune!, Deal or No Deal, Whatever. Sometimes the Price is Right skeeves me out thought

5. I second Arrested Development but only as long as the writing doesn't go down the tubes.

Dave said...

1. So You Think You Can Dance

2. Hmm...maybe Meredith could answer that one better than me. I'll go with Jim from The Office.

3. The Amazing Race is my favorite current reality show. The Mole was great too. I kind of like Treasure Hunters, but I don't think it's quite as good.

4. Jeopardy

5. The Mole! Come back! (Not you, celebrity version.)

Michelle said...

1. not so much that I watched it, but that I actually voted a couple of times--Dancing With the Stars.

2. No clue about TV, but I can identify with Sally from "When Harry met Sally" when she orders her food from a restaurant.

3. I was hooked on Dancing with the Stars during the second season and really liked "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition", but the stories all started sounding the same. Well, the desing team's teary-eyed reactions to them, anyway.

4. Not anymore. I used to watch Jeopardy.

5. Wonder Years or Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

jeff said...

jury duty today, sorry my comments are so late!

1. um...super nanny? i've seen it a couple times and don't have kids.

2. murdock from the 'a team'

3. tour de france?

4. oh...yeah, smsmh turns on that "deal or no deal" thing sometimes. maybe that should be my answer to #1

5. heh...the a team.

Mark said...

1. Blind Date

2. Probably George Costanza, though I would like to think Kramer.

3. The News

4. Not into game shows.

5. That Girl