Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Public Service Announcement

This is my right foot.

This is my left foot on plantar fasciitis.

Any questions?


Mark I. said...

yikes. Only one: How long till that comes off?

jeff said...

oh m! bleh! what's the prognosis?

Meredith said...

Actually, it's not so bad. They taped my foot for stability and I can continue to run on it. I've also been having pain on the top of my foot that we're going to keep an eye on since I have a history of stress fractures.

So prognosis: pretty good.

desiree said...

I have a history of stress fratctures and constant shin splints but I have avoided this thus far. Just be careful on it and you'll be feeling better in no time. Whenever I feel nostalgic for track/cross country I am looking at this photo.

Shelley said...

Be careful!! Sorry to hear about this...you will heal i'm sure!!

RunderWoman said...

Hey, me too! And history of stress fractures, too!

I'm jealous that they taped you so you can run!