Tuesday, February 21, 2012

All Good Things Must Come To An End...

...and so did the "Run Streak."

Sunday was supposed to be my long run day. I was planning on 12-16 miles. But Sunday I woke up and my stomach felt very crampy. I'm not talking about PMS cramps either. More like severe gas pains all over my stomach from my chest bone to my pelvis. Dave and I had some breakfast and I crawled back into bed.

I woke up a few hours later and didn't feel any better and minutes later I was in the bathroom losing my breakfast. And unfortunately, it didn't end for hours. Finally I couldn't take anymore and Dave took me down to the Urgent Care (thank goodness there's one in our neighborhood). They gave me a shot of anti-nausea medicine and gave me a prescription. I went home and went to bed (for literally the next 24 hours), while Dave went to the pharmacy and grocery to get me some things. Unfortunately for him, he got sick during this time too. Poor us! All throughout Sunday and Monday we just laid around in our pajamas trying to just function. Monday night we finally got some food in us although personally, I didn't feel much better.

It's now Tuesday. Dave went back to work today and I'm working from home. I haven't run since Saturday and I don't think today will be the day I return. It's too bad. I really enjoyed the Run Streak.

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Jamie said...

There is always March...

Feel better Mer. (And Dave)