Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Why Pretend?

I accidentally stumbled upon the XTerra triathlon this weekend on TV. I found it fascinating and interesting and a tiny bit inspiring. But you know what else I discovered? I have absolutely no interest in doing triathlon again (at least in the near future).

For years I have been trying to do triathlon with the thought that I would be decent at it since I don't suck at running. Unfortunately it hasn't really worked out that way, although that's kind of a ridiculous excuse as I know I've placed in my age group several times and have even won a race. But despite all that, I don't really like triathlon. I keep trying, hoping I will like it, and I just don't.

I'm reading a book right now called "The Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin. The book follows a woman's year long journey month-by-month on exploring happiness. In May she remarked that she wanted to go off the path and explore "unexpected thoughts, unfamiliar scenes, new people, and unconventional juxtaposition" which may be sources of happiness. What she found, however, is that she didn't like trying to make herself like things. She wanted to spend more time with the things she already liked.

Point taken.

I haven't gotten on my bike since October. Heck it is hanging up with the race wheels still on. And my new swimsuits I bought in October still have the tags on them. Although I do love to swim, I have absolutely no desire to dip my toes in the pool any time soon.

I have run every day now for 8 days and I've got to say, I've been loving it. I would say I'm getting a "little pinch of fire" back. I am a runner. I am a good runner. And someday I'm gonna be fast again. I can't wait!


Melissa C said...

I am glad to see you getting back to what you love! Running is super fun. I go back and forth too. I hate tris sometimes too, but in general, I do like them. I found that for the distances that I like, it hasn't interefered with running as much as it has for you. Maybe I don't run as much as you do/did as a runner. I do enjoy biking too. I have several rides lined up for this summer.

M said...

It's awesome that your love of running is coming back in full force. yay! Also, in the same line of the book you are reading, you may be interested in this film, too:

Betsy said...

It's ok to not like triathlon. I've had things to where I force myself to do them and then all of a sudden one day I recognize that I don't like it and I'm not going to do it. Life is to short to waste it doign something you don't enjoy! Go Run girl!

Velma said...

Love that book! Go with what you love.

Andrea Hill said...

I am applying for grad school (I know, glutton for punishment) and one of the essays I need to write is "which accomplishments are you mot proud of and how will these accomplishments/character traits benefit the Leeds community".

It got me thinking about accomplishment and what we take pride in (duh, that was the assignment). Is it about checking something off a list to say we've done it, perhaps because we think we should? Or is it more than that?

Being in Colorado, being an athlete is cliche. I actually do find myself saying "I'm JUST a runner". But so what? Do what you love.

Teresa said...

I have been following your blog for years, stumbled on it through your flickr pictures, but really have been more a lurker. I have been a runner since elementary school, but seriously broke my ankle running (and slipping) on ice 7 years ago and haven't competed in a race since~ Talk about something that REALLY messes with your head... Anyway, I have watched your running goals become reality and then watched you switch to triathlon. It always seemed to me that your first love was really running. You LOVED to run. When you would write about going out on a run, it made ME want to go out for a run. It was different when you were writing about triathlon... it was more about "here is the workout I did to reach my goal", it didn't inspire me to get off the couch and get my butt out the door, if that makes sense.
I'm really glad to hear you talk about your love of running again in your blog. It feels real, ya know?