Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Product Review: Zoot CompressRx Tights

The Run Less, Run Faster training plan is no joke.  Even though the plan is only three days a week, I'm finding it more difficult to recover from these tough runs than it was to recover from the relentless ironman training.  I'm doing all the things I should...chocolate milk, ice baths, lots of napping, compression socks.

Compression socks.  I love me some compression socks.  I have three pairs of them and two pairs of compression calf sleeves.  I wear my socks after ever workout.  I wear my compression sleeves for all my long runs.  I truly believe in the recoverability (sure, it's a word) with compression socks.  And while my calves love compression socks/sleeves, my quads and hammies and knees are crying for some relief too. 

Two weeks ago I threw it out to my Facebook friends if they had any thoughts regarding full compression tights.  I got a few responses back.  Then I started doing some research of my own.  Dang, those suckers are expensive.  Finally, with coupon code in hand, I ordered a pair of Zoot CompressRx tights from Running Warehouse.  A few days later I received them and have worn them pretty much after every hard workout I've had sense.

Here's what I think about them:

  • They are absolutely hideous.  I was hoping they'd look a little more like plain tights.  There's no way I could wear these with a tunic or long shirt and get buy with them in public.  

  • I ordered the smallest size as I am tiny.  However, for a short person I have long legs and a short torso.  I've had a hard time getting the tights up into my crotch (that's what she said, Jamie) so I'm not sure how effective they've been high on my hamstrings and hip flexors.
  • Despite not being able to get the tights all the way up and looking like I dropped a load, they are really high waisted and come way past my belly button.  I roll my down onto my hips usually.
  • They are super tight and hurt my fingers like crazy to struggle to get them on.
  • I like that my toes are not covered which has allowed me to sleep in the tights and get full benefit out of them.
  • THEY WORK!!!  Do I really need to say anything else about them?
I have been minimally sore after wearing the tights after my difficult workouts, which is pretty much every workout.  I'm so glad my friends recommended these to me.


Amy said...

Hmmm... you may have just sold me. I've always wanted a pair of tights because I always feel the most fatigued in my quads, hip flexors, butt, crotch, etc...

Thanks for the review... although, my wallet isn't going to be so grateful.

Molly said...

If you end up deciding to get another pair, get the Zoot CompressRx "Active" ones, they stop at the ankle but they have zippers up the sides of the legs so they are a bit easier to get on/off. Glad you like them and they are working for you!!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

I actually have not tried ANY of the compression gear! Maybe if I win some I will try it. Otherwise, they are pretty expensive, plus I am not super sore after runs. Maybe I am not pushing myself hard enough?

Jamie said...

Tights are one of the least fun things to put in your crotch BTW.