Monday, June 25, 2012

Week In Review

Despite the broken toe, I got back to work last week.  Sure, it wasn't a whole lot of miles and many of them were done on the elliptical, but I felt that if I could handle the pain (and the toe was more sore than painful) that I should continue with my training.

Monday - 4 miles elliptical

Tuesday - 2 mile walk on treadmill at 15 min/mile  Yeah, tough workout.  I
                Core work - 45 crunches, 45 supermans, 45 obliques

Wednesday - 4 miles elliptical

Thursday - 10 minute walk/10 minute jog/10 minute walk = 2.17 miles
                  Core work - 55 BOSU crunches with weights, 55 TRX pushups

Friday - 5 minute walk/20 minute jog/5 minute run = 2.51 miles
             5 X 5 bench press at 50 lbs.

Saturday - 3 mile neighborhood run with Dave

I hit 17.68 miles of "running" this week and did about 45 minutes of core/weight lifting.  Next week (today) I plan to jump right back into training and see how it goes.  As I mentioned, the toe is sore - mostly in the muscles at the base at the toe.  I'm sure that's from having to reset the toe and really working those muscles.  But the toe, specifically where the break is, does not have any pain.  The swelling is a little bit annoying as some shoes feel very bad and some are just fine.  The good news is that my running shoes fit really well and I have no pain.  We'll see how getting back to training goes.

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Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Wow, be careful! Obviously you know that. I am glad that you can at least do the elliptical! That is great. I bet you are going totally stir crazy!