Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

When you're in the wedding business, you have to plan your business a year in advance.  Right now we're working on bridal shows and advertising for 2013.  We are currently reevaluating our advertising tactics and I'm looking for input.  We have done bridal shows, advertised in print media and online, and obviously do a lot of social media (be sure to like us on Facebook).  Not too surprisingly, we get a lot of our business from referrals.

When you got married, if you're getting married, somewhere in the future/someday wedding.... did you do your research for planning your wedding?  Did you go to a bridal show?  Did you use internet or social media?  Did you use any print media?  How influenced were you based on referrals your friends gave you?  What type of businesses did you meet with face-to-face?  Lastly, if you were interested in hiring a photo booth business, where would you look for information regarding services and business?

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TriMOEngr said...

We got married before the internet, but I think now I look for everything online first - maybe tied with recommendations from friends (both IRL and on FB). I think I went to one wedding show, but I had pretty much decided everything before then. It was just to see if there was anything that I had missed (ok, free samples really).