Friday, August 30, 2013

Foto Friday

The Bug turned 5 months old this week (and I swear I will take some pictures and post those soon).  We decided it was time to start introducing some new foods.  I had purchased some rice cereal awhile ago but hadn't used it, not even in a bottle, because the baby sleeps like, well, a baby.  The doctor suggested feeding it to him using a spoon so this week we tried it.  He didn't love it; he didn't hate it; he didn't eat much. 

Without giving too much information, because our child is formula fed we battle some constipation issues.  Yeah.  We have tried giving him some water but haven't had a whole lot of success.  I had read that apple juice was good (read it on the Mayo Clinic website), but was made nervous about it after reading crazy mom forums (stay off the internet!!!).  Instead we decided to introduce fruit straight up.  I'm not ready to give him food "meals" but instead I got one of those mesh food thingies that I've heard good things about.  We started with a peach, which he enjoyed, and we've done a cantaloupe, which he liked too.  Fingers crossed that it helps his belly.

Tune in tomorrow for more baby awesomeness.

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