Sunday, August 11, 2013

Week in Review

The miles are starting to catch up with me....

Monday - Off

Tuesday - 5 miles, 0.25 hours strength training
Strength training was 4 rounds of 10 snatches (45 pounds), 10 side crunches (10 pounds), 10 BOSU crunches (10 pounds), 10 oblique crunches (10 pounds).

Wednesday - 12 miles
Started this run with Dave and the baby.  We did 4 miles together and then I did the remaining 8 by myself.  It was HOT and HUMID outside and I could only manage to average 9:00/miles for the entire 12.

Thursday - Off

Friday - Off

Lazy much???

Saturday - 20 miles trails
I hit the trails early knowing this was going to take me a while.  The running group was meeting at 8:00am so I started at 7:00 to get in about 6 miles before anyone else showed up.  I started REALLY conservatively, nearly 11:00/miles.  Around the 3 mile mark I ran into a friend running the opposite direction who was also starting early as she wanted to get in three loops of the course.  I turned around and ran with her.  She was running quite a bit faster and I was already suffering.  It's a long day, Meredith.  Chill out!  So, I told her I needed to slow down and she slowed with me.  We met the group at 8:00 and there were some fastiest there and others who might be running about what I was.  We started out and almost immediately I got dropped by everyone.  For the next 15+ miles, I ran alone.  I just kept running and chugging along.  I finished the run in 3:17:07 for a 9:51 pace.  This was tough.  I can't believe I have 4 more 20 milers to go.

Sunday - Off

Running - 37 miles (in only three days!!!)
Strength - 0.25 hours

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