Thursday, August 29, 2013


This morning my phone popped up the password verification for my Apple ID.  I didn't really think anything of it until I opened my email and had two emails from Apple.  One said my Apple ID had been changed and the second one was a notification that a purchase had been made on my account.  Now, I get a lot of junk and phishing emails so I sent those emails to Dave to see if they were legit emails.  He called me right away and they were.  It seemed my account had been hacked.


So yeah, I had $90+ in gift cards in my account along with my credit card tied to that account.

I called Apple and started talking to a customer service rep.  She wasn't very understanding of what was going.  She thought my phone was stolen.  No, I was talking on the phone.  I, luckily, had the email of the hack as it had been sent to me when the fraudulent purchase was made.  She saw that it was my account but with a different email but was didn't really know what to do from there.  Thank goodness she transferred me to a supervisor who spent the next hour on the phone with me trying to get everything straightened out.

In the end no money was taken from my account.  The fraudster couldn't access my credit card because he/she was outside the country and needed the CCV code to use the credit card.  He/she was trying to use my gift cards but somehow only managed to download a free app, which I had the customer service rep deactivate.  I got my account email changed along with my password which I made way more difficult.  In addition, we created a two step verification where questions would need to be answered exactly for any purchases to be made. 

I don't mention what I do for my real job very often.  My title? Fraud Analyst.  Dude messed with the wrong bitch on this one.

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