Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Shuffle of Shame

I struggle with high weekly mileage.  For me, that's 40 miles per week and beyond.  I get lots of aches and pains - hip, hamstrings, calves.  I can take ice baths, wear compression gear, use the foam roller, stretch, but nothing seems to help it.  My body does not like to run that many miles.  The problem is that I'd like to get into ultra running and I'm just not sure I can do it.


I've been hurting after the 20 mile run on Saturday, but training doesn't wait for soreness to go away.  Because I'm running only a 10 mile race this weekend, I needed to get in my weekly long run of 18 miles during the week.  I found time (and good weather) to do it on Tuesday.  I was gimpy right from the start.  I figured the soreness would fade as the miles went on and for a while, say between 4-7 miles, that seemed to be okay.  At 8 miles I turned around and figured 16 miles would be enough.  By 10 miles I was in trouble.  I was really suffering and I was starting to worry I was not going to make it home before the sun set.  I was going to need to do quite a bit of walking.  At 11 miles I took a detour to my parents' house.  I approached their driveway in my "shuffle of shame" and had to ask if they could drive me home.  In total I got in 12.6 miles.

This week I need to step back and let my aches and niggles take care of themselves.  Or else, I'll be doing another shuffle of shame in this weekend's race.

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Betsy said...

Some times being a good runner is being a smart runner. There are days when our mind doesn't want to cooperate and there are days when are bodies send a pretty loud and clear message about what it needs. The good news is you've been doing this long enough to know that one bad run means pretty much nothing...other than your body is demanding some recovery!