Sunday, August 04, 2013

Week in Review

So. Many. Miles.

Monday - 5.5 miles, track workout
You can read about this workout here.

Tuesday - 10 miles, treadmill
Why do I keep torturing myself with these long runs on the treadmill??

Wednesday - off

Thursday - 2.25 miles treadmill, 0.25 hours strength training
We started this as a much longer run on the roads, but then my parents called and asked if we wanted dinner so we stopped the run 0.25 miles into it.  After dinner and dessert, though, I felt like I needed more working out, so I ran two miles on the treadmill and did 5 rounds of 5 shoulder presses at 55 pounds and 100 jump ropes.

Friday - 7 miles, tempo run; 0.25 hours strength training
I started this run on the treadmill because I had the baby (he was in the swing) and Dave was working.  But Dave finished up work and took the boy, so I finished this out on the roads.  I also did 15 minutes of core work which just about killed me.

Saturday - off

Sunday - 17 miles, trail
I was barely a mile into this run when I ran into some women I knew.  They asked me to join them and of course I was totally down for running with others.  They were running a little slower than I had planned, but so what.  A mile is a mile is a mile.  I wound up running about 9-1/2 miles with them before they called it quits.  Then I was on my own for the rest.  And it went well.  I saw a snake at 14-1/2 miles that was stretched clear across the path.  I jumped as high as Michael Jordan to get over the snake and let out a loud shriek!  I hate snakes!  I did the total run in just under 3 hours.  A little slower than I should probably be going and am capable, but who cares.  I got the run done and feel pretty good about my distance and trail running right now.

Running - 41.75 miles
Strength Training - 0.5 hours

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Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Wow, you really snapped back from having the baby FAST! I love that you are trail running for your long runs; those are my favorite ones, the long ones out in the woods and the hills... I love it!