Monday, June 23, 2014

Mother of the Year

We bought a new house back in November 2013 and moved in this past February.  It's an older home, a real fixer-upper, but it kept us in the school district, moved up even closer to work, and gave us land, privacy, and a great place to raise Anderson.  In the months that have followed we have begun lots of improvements on this home.  I'm planning a whole series called "Cats and Brass" about this home coming soon.

The last couple of weekends we have been working on Anderson's room.  Basically, it's just painting, but as we have learned it is never as easy as "just painting."  First, we had to take down the god-awful vertical blinds.  Then we had to patch the walls where all the nail holes, screw holes, other holes, and bad things in the walls were.  Next we have had to paint all the trim - baseboards, window trim, closet doors.  Why?  Well, because they had painted an accent wall including the baseboards and window trim.  Of course.  So we decided to paint all of it white.  Finally, and hopefully soon, we will be able to paint the walls and hang his artwork.

To be able to work together and get things moving, we have had to put Anderson in his jail crib.

Today while Dave was at work, I worked on priming the closet doors while Anderson watched Bubble Guppies in his crib.  I got about 20 minutes of work in before he started having a meltdown.  It was lunch time and he was also ready for a nap.  So I prepared him lunch.

Anderson is in this stage right now where he doesn't want to eat baby food anymore, but really hasn't found a whole bunch of adult food that he likes.   So for lunch I tried something new, a ham and turkey sandwich with mustard.  He instantly hated it and let me know by screaming at the top of his lungs and crying with real tears.  I got him some cottage cheese and grapes and all was right with the world again.

Finally, he decided to drink his milk in the living room while I ate my lunch.  And while I was finishing my lunch he made a dirty diaper.

So to recap, screaming kid in his crib, screaming kid because I did not fix him a good lunch, and a dirty diaper.  You following?  Sounds like a rough hour, eh?

It gets worse.

Also at lunch time I take the dog out and give her a little to eat so we're all ready for our nap post lunch.  I took Sloopy out as always and left Anderson in the house.  He followed me over to the door, screaming all the way, and I worried a little that he was going to get into the dog's water dish (which happens often).  I should have worried more.

I came in the house and couldn't find Anderson.  And then it hit me.

Oh SHIT!!!

I ran into his room, which I obviously forgot to close off and, of course, he was playing in the left over paint.  He had it all over his hands, a little on his legs, and a little on his face.  Thank goodness, he had not put it in his mouth.  He had also put two pacifiers in it and a toy.  Anderson did NOT enjoy having paint all over himself and was throwing an absolute fit!

I first took a picture (duh), then I got the pacifiers and toy cleaned off.  Then I grabbed Anderson to put him in the bath.  But of course, I hadn't changed his gross diaper yet so I had to take care of that.  I come back in from throwing it away and he's crying at the top of his lungs running around the house naked.  I grab him and put him in the bath only to realize I didn't have soap or a wash cloth, or a towel.  Crap!  I yelled at Anderson not to drown and ran to his room to get those things.

I got him cleaned off and cleaned up and we all took a good nap.

If there was ever a day I needed some ice cream or a drink or a hot bath, today is the day.

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