Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Spectate: Columbus Open Water Swims

Dave has a unique swim stroke, which is great when spectating in open water.  Dave did a "1 mile" open water swim race a few weeks ago; Anderson and I spectated.

The race wasn't so big and within maybe a quarter mile into the race I was able to easily pick out Dave.  I counted from the front...10, 11, 12.  Wow!  He was doing really well!

I was able to follow him up the course and back down again while strolling with Anderson on the beach.

When he got close to the finish, Anderson and I went down to the beach and got the camera ready to snap, snap, snap Dave's exit and finish.  And just as I start snapping pictures I realize....

That's not Dave!

I had spent the whole race spectating and cheering on a dude that was not Dave.  This gentleman had exactly the same unique swim stroke as Dave!  We backed away from the beach and tried to find Dave in the water, this time to no avail.  Finally, he exited in around 45 minutes.

45 minutes for a one mile swim??  That's, um, not that great for Dave.  Sure he hasn't swam a whole lot (or nearly at all) this year, but that's really slow.  I reminded him that the company that puts on these races is notorious for poorly measured/marked courses.  Dave started talking to some other people who had swam the race with GPSs and many of them had the course at 1.4 miles.  One point freakin' four miles!  That's WAY off!

In the end, Dave got in a good swim; I need to work on my spectating skills; and I took some beautiful pictures of some dude who was not Dave.

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Carina said...

Hahaha, that's too funny. My husband sometimes counts what place woman I am in a race, and several times he's counted me, not realizing that I'm actually his wife and the one he was planning to advise of the number.