Monday, June 02, 2014

Stay at Home Goals

It's official.  I am now a full-time stay at home mom.  While, obviously, my attention is on the baby and making sure he is turning into a great little kiddo, I have some goals for myself (besides running) in my new role at home.

Goal #1: Improve Wardrobe / Personal Style
For the last three years I have been working for a major retailer (it rhymes with Babercrombie & Bitch) and we were not required to wear the clothing.  Needless to say, my closet is full of jeans, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and flip flops - not exactly a 30-something, mommy wardrobe.  For years, okay, my entire adult life, I have wanted to look sophisticated, put together, stylish, but when it came down to it I usually reverted back to a t-shirt and jeans or a sweater and jeans.  Through the power of Pinterest, I started putting together a "Style" board.  Here's a few examples of how I would love to dress:
Of course, I haven't the foggiest how to put together an outfit like that.  So I jumped on the bandwagon and signed up for Stitch Fix.  My first "fix" is scheduled for mid-June.  Now, I can't afford to keep all the clothes I get every month, but hopefully I will find one or two pieces that work out.  I'm also hoping to maybe add one or two more reasonably priced items from the mall every month to grow my wardrobe.

Goal #2: Learn a New Hobby / Skill
You know, I have so much extra time to learn something new.  :)  But since I do have four hours of the day I am now not working I suppose I can try to learn something new.  It is no secret that I don't have good kitchen skills.  Yes, Dave does most of the cooking.  Over the last year, though, I have done some more cooking, learning new recipes, and trying new foods.  Now, I am ready to move onto baking.  I would love to learn how to decorate cakes and cupcakes.  Of course, this could be dangerous for me as I would probably eat all my creations and be as big as a house!

To go along with wanting to improve my personal style, I'd like to improve my sewing skills.  Yes, I can sew, but mostly I quilt.  I'd like to learn more, though, so maybe I can start making some of my own clothes.

Several several years ago for Christmas, Dave got me a guitar.  I have always wanted to learn to play guitar.  For while I practiced, and then I put it under the bed and haven't pulled it out in years.  It would be fun to learn a few kid songs on it and sing along with Anderson.  He would love it.  He would also love to play it (the kiddo plays the piano every day).

Finally, I would like to learn a foreign language.  Sure it's a little late in life to get fluent, but it's a perfect time to help develop multiple language skills in the baby.  The truth is, if he doesn't learn Spanish he's limiting himself with future employment opportunities.  When we went to Italy, Dave learned Italian with Rosetta Stone and had great results.  At the time it was free through the library.  Unfortunately, it no longer is.  So, I'm going to save my money and hopefully buy the Spanish version in a few months.

As if life isn't busy enough, I'm wanting to tackle more.  Who wants to sit around and watch TV all day long?

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Betsy said...

Stitch Fix will have you looking like that in now time! I have never gotten so many compliments on my daily out before signing up for stitch fix! and I love the cards that tell you how to wear the pieces so you can figure out what you already own or know what you need to buy at the mall. If you're first couple aren't great, stick with it. They figure you out in time. And the guitar....way cool!

You're going to rock this SAHM thing!