Sunday, June 22, 2014

Week in Review

Monday 6/16
    Planned: 1 hour of cross training / 15 minutes of core
    Actual: 45 minutes of biking on the trainer.  Dave and I have been following the June Ab Challenge we found on Facebook.  We've fallen a little behind but today we did 75 situps, 90 crunches, 42 leg raises, and 60 seconds of plank.

Tuesday 6/17
    Planned: 15 minutes of dynamic plus a track workout
    Actual: Rest day (lazy ass)

Wednesday 6/18
    Planned: 20 minute easy run
    Actual: 20 minutes easy on the treadmill for 2 miles as well as 1000 yard continuous swim.

Thursday 6/19
    Planned: Glute activation exercises followed by 1 hour tempo run
    Actual: Glute activation exercises followed by 1 hour tempo run on treadmill at YMCA. Tempos were done at 7:30 pace. 6.68 miles.

Friday 6/20
    Planned: Rest day
    Actual: Rest day

Saturday 6/21
    Planned: 40 minute run and 30 minutes of core
    Actual: 40 minute, 4.39 mile run with the stroller.

Sunday 6/22
    Planned: 1 hour 15 minute long run
    Actual: Ran with my friends for a total of 9 miles, 1:15:45.

Swim - 1000 yards
Bike - 8.08 miles
Run - 22.07 miles

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