Monday, May 25, 2015

Holiday Weekend Camping

Well, I've been camping.  I'm happy to be home.

Actually, it wasn't that bad; it's just not my cup of tea.  This really wasn't camping.  This was definitely glam-ping.  We were staying at an "RV Resort" where there were less than 10 tents and all the rest were giant campers and RVs.  Even my sister's pop-up camper was dwarfed!  Although we could have stayed with my parents in their camper, we decided to stay in the tent.  The first night it was cold!  We had put Anderson in his pack-and-play in the camper and we froze out in the tent.  (I should say, I froze; Dave snored.)  Luckily, my parents had loaned us a space heater and I used that sucker.  The second night Anderson stayed in the tent with us and it was much warmer. 

The weekend was filled with family activities.  We played on the playground.  Dave played basketball with my niece, nephew, and Dad.  The family went swimming while I went to the grocery.  We had s'mores over the fire.  And the kids rode their bikes around and around and around the campground. 

We left a day early to come back and get some projects done around the house.  Our bathroom is still ripped apart (SIX MONTHS we've been without our master bath!!!), so we wanted to do some work on it while we had the time. 

Honestly, I didn't take many pictures.  It was more about constantly keeping my eyes on Anderson and making sure he wasn't doing anything or going anywhere he shouldn't have.  Here's a few that were taken:

Homemade lawn Yahtzee.  This was fun.  Unfortunately we ran out of daylight and didn't get to finish the game.

Anderson and Ashtyn were inseparable all weekend.

I don't know if there will be more camping this summer.  Maybe in the backyard.  Well, Dave and Anderson.  If I'm steps away from my comfortable bed, I'm sleeping there.

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