Monday, May 11, 2015

Pain in the Rear

Every since I had the baby, I've had some trouble with lower leg lateral strength and therefore, I've gotten injured.  I've had some bad shin splints and foot pain and for the last several months I've had some hamstring tightness I just haven't been able to shake.  I've been able to put up with it but it certainly tugs when I'm doing speed work or drills on the bike.  Since my marathon last month, however, the pain has moved into other places.  I've had some pain in my SI joint along with some really bad pain in the same hip.  Some days are not bad and then there are other days, like after my sprint workout last week, where I could barely walk every time I stood up.  Having been around this block a few times, I immediately started doing some PT exercises I knew along with icing like an Eskimo.  Fed up with it not feeling better and starting to feel nervous about the race this week, I called the doctor.

The doctor did a few strength tests, flexibility tests, and then jammed his fingers into my leg.  My doctor does ART (active release therapy) and he went to town on my hamstring.  Gosh, it hurt so bad (good).  It stung for most of the day but did feel pretty good overall.  He also gave me a few more exercises to do.  And we set up another appointment for more ART later this week before the race.

I haven't tested it out on another run yet.  That will come tomorrow.  Either way, I'm doing the race even if I have to be hyped up on a zillion Advil.

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middleagedrunner said...

I had quite a bit of trouble with my butt/leg/hip/piriformis (sp?) a couple of years ago.
I have a great Chiro who also does ART and after a half dozen pretty aggressive sessions I had pretty much resolved it. It HURT!! I hope you feel better ASAP- pain in the butt is well, a pain in the butt.