Sunday, May 31, 2015

Week in Review

Listen, I can't sit still.  If I sit still I'm going to weigh 400 pounds.  Plus, working out is good for my sanity.  Even though I received the devastating news that my hip was is jacked up this week, I still did some good workouts. 

I started the week with a half hour spin on the trainer before learning I wasn't allowed to bike.  I also did some weight training with this workout.  I did 3 x 10 bench presses at 30 pounds, ball crunches, and dips off the weight bench with my legs on the stability ball.

The rest of the week all I did was swimming and all of it pulling with a buoy.  Stupid hip.  The first day I did 4 x 500 with :30 rest.  The next day I did 2000 yards straight pull.  And on Saturday I did 20 x 100 pull with paddles with Dave.  He didn't use any toys but we still swam together.

I'm committing myself to as much swimming as I can handle until I've been giving the green light to do something else. 

Now if I could commit myself to eating better.  Much, much better....

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Carina said...

Is pool running an option?