Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Medals, Medals EVERYWHERE!!!

In my hiatus from running I've decided to pursue cleaning up this house.  We moved here over a year ago and basically just dumped stuff everywhere.  We STILL have things in boxes!  If your stuff stays in a box for over a year you OBVIOUSLY do not need it.  So, I've taken the task for unloading the boxes, throwing away, and donating stuff.  I'm a minimalist living with a hoarder and well, I'm the one home all day so I win.

Last week I tackled all the running medals we have accumulated in the gazillion years we've been running.  I searched and searched all over the internet for some place I could donate the not-so-important ones but came up empty.  So I hatched a plan to display all of them in the workout room in the basement.  I found two pot racks we had purchased from Ikea nearly 15 years ago and NEVER opened or used and yet have moved them over and over again.  Our basement has been waterproofed so the walls are plastic and not drywall so I had to find a way to hang them.  I was able to hang them from the rafters just about our makeshift trophy case.  And after nearly 90 s-hooks later this is how it turned out:

The ones on the left of the picture are from 2001-2009.  The ones on the right are from 2010 to 2014.  Either we're running more races or they give out medals for EVERYTHING!!!  How the heck am I going to fit another five years on that rack?

That giant trophy?  That's for winning a 5K years ago.  That's a BIG trophy for a tiny 5K.

Do you display your awards/medals?  Do you toss them in a box and forget about them?  Do you donate them or toss them?  Do you think they give medals for WAY too many races?


Carina said...

I have this grand plan of displaying all our race bibs on a wall in the garage, and then putting up non-marathon race medals next to the relevant bib (leaving the marathon medals over a corner of our dresser mirror), but I've yet to actually do anything to make this plan happen other than putting our bibs in roughly chron order.

Meredith said...

I too have all my race bibs. I have hopes to use them as wallpaper in the workout room. Let's see when that happens.