Thursday, May 21, 2015

MJ's Memorial Day Fun

In my former life my nickname was MJ.  And during college I would have a little party at my parents' house on Memorial Day weekend where we would cook out, play volleyball, and hang out.  Nowadays I prefer to spend my holidays quietly at home getting things done.  This weekend we're doing something completely different.  We are going camping.

My parents are nearing retirement and bought themselves a monstrous 5th-wheel camper.  My sister has a pop-up camper.  We have a tent.  So this weekend the whole family is going camping together.  I should say, we're going camping with a side of glam-ping.  We will be staying on my parents' site and will have accommodations like a kitchen and whatnot.  This is the first time I've gone camping since Dave and I were dating.  I've got to say, I don't really like camping.  And camping with a two year old scares the devil out of me.  Luckily, we're only going about 15 miles away and we're paying by the night instead of the whole weekend so if it doesn't go well we can always just come home.

Anyone got any tips for camping with a toddler?  Anyone got any tips for those camping with someone who doesn't like to camp?  :)

Expect pictures soon!


Jeffrey Smith said...

Camping w/ a toddler is awesome. There is no end of things for them to play with. Sticks, rocks, dirt, leaves, etc. Let them get dirty and if you can get get over the need to constantly scrub them, you'll both have a great time ;)

If you happen to be near a lake, river, or stream, then you're golden. Let them get dirty, and then take them to the water to let them get clean. Rinse and repeat!

Carina said...

I'm not a camper, but my gut says it's good for Anderson! Have fun!