Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Competitive Old Men

I run with my dad. I'm sure I mentioned that before. My dad is 54 and has run 20 marathons. He will be running Chicago with Dave and me this fall and everyone else in our running group.

Saturday we were doing our group run and we got passed by a senior looking man. He was running at a pretty good clip. We began egging my dad on about being able to catch this other guy. Dad said that that guy was probably in his age group. The guy heard it and came back around and asked my dad how old he was. Dad told him and then the guy said "I'm older than that" and took off running again. Again we pushed my dad to go after the guy and then the guy stopped and came back and nudged my dad and said "You need to do speedwork." And then took off so fast, I swear it was like the cartoons where all you see is the dust.

Old dude was fast!!!

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Cancer Sucks! said...

I fear your post is mistitled. I see no evidence of 'Competitive Old Men.' Instead I see a greater-than-54 year old arsehole and your seemingly wise father. I suspect it is the young ones in the story that are the competitive folks, in this case vicariously so. Your father is indeed wise. After all, Pheidippides, in the myth, dies at the end.