Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Heart Rate Monitors Revisited

As you might remember, I have been doing all my training with a heart rate monitor this year. So far, I think it's been really successful.

But, I have a question out there for all of those who train with a HRM. Up until recently it hasn't been very warm in central Ohio. All of a sudden, though, it's been like 90 degrees. I've noticed that my heart rate monitor has started jumping around. What I mean is, one second it's at 117 (which is way low) and the next second it jumps to 240 (hello, defib!). I wear my heart rate monitor completely under my sports bra. Does it just not have good contact with my skin? Is my battery going bad (I just got it in December). I wear a Timex Ironman HRM and I've had trouble with max heart rate readings since the beginning. Is the model bad?

Help me interweb!

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zxkuqyb said...

I've had the same problem w/ this HRM. My HR jumps all over the place. It used to be perfect, but seems to be extremely low, then jumps to 240. I haven't confirmed yet, but I think it's a dying battery. I've replaced the GPS and triangular USB PC Connector thingy...the only think left to replace the battery in is the Watch. I haven't found the right answer, yet.