Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Hello. *tap**tap* Is this thing on?

So is my scavenger hunt too hard? Did all the cameras in the world suddenly stop working? Did my fan club turn on me? Do y'all just not want to participate? What's going on?!?

Maybe I didn't make it clear exactly how NOT literal these pictures need to be. I'm looking for creativity here, people! For example, Challenge #5--a photo of you surfing on a beach. Yes, this could be literal. It could also be you sitting on the beach with a computer surfing the internet. Or it could be at a restaurant called The Beach surfing on your computer. Or it could be theatre you've created to look like a beach with you on a surf board. Understand the creativity? Do I need to post an example?

Another example, Challenge #2--photo of you at a finish line with medal around your neck or trophy in hand. Does it have to be a real finish line or could it be The Finish Line, the footwear store? Does it have to be a real medal or something made out of aluminum foil? Could it be a finish line made of toilet paper as the finish line you break. Understand what I'm looking for?

Now get snapping! I'm getting antsy over here.

And if you happen to be a friend or family member of mine who doesn't have a blog or any other sort of media to link your photos to, send me an e-mail with the photo and I'll put it on my blog.


jeff said...

see, i thought that the 10 you posted were the first set of challenges and that you had to do all 10 of those.

now that i know i can do only one at a time, i might try to do some. tough to find time with the crazy schedule, though.

jeff said...

speaking of photos, i just saw your 'meredith gordon photography' site. swiss beef, that shout out photo is ROCKIN!

you guys are nut cases!

jessie_tri_mn said...

Yea, I thought the same thing and was a little overwhelmed by the difficulty.

I admit, outside of work and training I am a big slacker :)

Maybe I'll scrounge one up by the end of the week...

Cancer Sucks! said...

You said a few days ago:

"How dare you say that it's your choice to smoke; that it's your choice to kill yourself. It's my choice to breathe clean air and your smoke is killing me too."

Alas, if you live in Ohio you are not breathing clean air anyway.

I am a physician with MSF, on and off. Off right now as I battle the big C. I have seen the 'breathing' conditions of the wonderful folks employed to manufacture your athletic wear in China and India. Your insatiable demand for 'athletic wear' is causing them a slow and painful death.
I have seen and tried to treat the wonderful folks employed to dig up your coaltan in The Congo that is essential for all the rechargeable batteries y'all use.
With the word 'your' here, I mean all of the gentle people in the Western World.

As a non-smoker, I agree with you. As a citizen of the world? You(again, the plural)are the equivalent of one very smoke-filled bar, with no exit, for many of the unfortunates in the non-Western World.