Thursday, June 22, 2006

Thursday Thoughts

It's that time again...time for Thursday Thoughts. Please join me in answering the questions below. It's light-hearted, interactive, and fun. Tell a friend!!!

1. Have you ever seen any Broadway shows? If yes, which ones?

2. Where was the "hang-out" in high school?

3. What is the specialty item that you cook or bake?

4. Did you go to college? If yes, where did you go and what did you study?

5. Do you speak a foreign language? If yes, what?


Meredith said...

Let's try this again. My computer has been really flaky.

1. I have seen several Broadway shows...Les Miserables, Miss Saigon, Rent, Sunset Boulevard, How to Succeed in Business..., Jekyll and Hyde, and several off Broadway shows.

2. Eagles Pizza

3. Deviled eggs, yet my mom only lets me bring rolls to the family dinners.

4. I attended The Ohio State University and got my degree in Industrial Engineering.

5. Not technically, but I know enough sign language to communicate SLOWLY.

jeff said...

1. um...i'm not sure if 'into the woods' was broadway or off broadway.

2. the strawberry fields

3. mmm...french toast, quiche and chocolate chip chocolate pumpkin muffins.

4. some. a couple community colleges in california and washington, studying general ed, forestry and computer science.

5. ja, deutsch

jessie_tri_mn said...

1) Les Miserables, Rent, Mama Mia, Chicago (and in July, Wicked)

2) Grandfathers Pizza

3) Not much of a cook, but I do make a mean waffle

4) University of MN: BS Housing Studies, MS Geographic Information Science

5) I can ask for a beer in Spanish - does that count?

Michelle said...

1. Phantom of the Opera, Cats, Les Miserables, Miss Saigon

2. Meijer (sounds lame, but it was new and they always had food samples) or Lincoln Park.

3. I guess chocolate chip cookies.

4. The Ohio State University--Bachelor's in Nursing, Master's in Public Health

5. A little ASL and I used to know a lot more German.

desiree said...

1. Have never seen a real boradway show but want to so bad it makes my teeth hurt.

2. Carrows restaurant, the beach at night, the woods at night (we spent alot of time running from bears)

3. Anything. Lasagna, teryakki chicken, meatloaf, cookies, you name it.

4. So, so many times. Lets see:
Lake Tahoe Community college, two AA degrees

Western Nevada Community College, nada

La Universidad de Salamanaca, Un titulo de espanol

Sonoma State University: Worst. Semester. Ever.

University of Nevada, Reno: Almost done.

5. Fluent in Spanish, okay in portuguese, used to be conversational in French but that is probably gone now.

Dave said...

1. Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Rent, Miss Saigon

2. Arabica was the coffee shop where we kind of hung out.

3. I don't know that I have a specialty item.

4. Ohio State - I studied Molecular Genetics and Computer Science.

5. German, though I wouldn't call it fluent.