Thursday, June 29, 2006

Thursday Thoughts

It's Thursday which means it's time for Thursday Thoughts. You know how this game is played. I ask the questions, you supply the answers. Today is "Tell a Friend Thursday". So tell a friend to hop on over to this site and answer the questions. And if you're a "Long Time Listener, No Time Caller", we'd love for you to comment. I know you're out there. I get a lot of hits for as few comments as I receive. Ready? Here we go?

1. Did you ever play in a marching band? If yes, what instrument did you play?

2. What do you plan on doing when you retire?

3. What is your favorite magazine you read?

4. What is your favorite flower?

5. What is your dream car?


Meredith said...

1. I played in HS marching band. I played the bells in marching band and xylophone in concert band.

2. When I retire I would like to travel or buy a house on a beach and live there.

3. My favorite magazines are Real Simple and Coastal Living.

4. Daisies and small sunflowers.

5. Lexus RX400H

Dave said...

1. I played trumpet in my high school marching band and in the Ohio State marching band.

2. I'd like to travel.

3. I don't have any magazines I read regularly.

4. Snapdragons, Hibiscus, Daisies

5. Hmm...I like the Honda S2000, but I also like my Prius. Make me a hybrid sports car that drives well in the snow, and that's my dream car. :)

Michelle said...

1. H.S.--bells and cymbals (not very fun); College (OSU), Mellophone (much more fun)

2. I don't know for sure--enjoying my husband and grandchildren?

3. Games Magazine

4. Anything my husband brings me; irises

5. 1957 red Corvette convertible

Noj said...

1. Did not participate in marching band

2. When I retire, I would like to teach High School..yes, when I retire, I will enjoy it by working.

3. Businessweek and Men's Health

4. buckwheat flour. makes good bread.

5. Corvette or Dodge Viper...hybrid versions of course if they make them

Noj said...
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jeff said...

even if i'm swamped and have no time to blog, i always make a point of joinging in on thursday thoughts. it's fun!

1. nope

2. raising sheep and farming pumpkins in christchurch new zealand

3. runner's world. it's the only magazine i read.

4. i like stargazers. they smell wonderful

5. dream car...hmmm...well, i REALLY like my xterra, but if it had a better rack on the roof, it'd be even more dreamy. anything larger would be too big, and a regular car wouldn't handle all my gear, so, the xterra is my dream car.

Firefly's Running said...

1. I did not play in a marching band, but my husband did - Contra (similiar to a tuba). I stuck with Concert Choir.

2. Travel and have fun.

3. Shape and Fitness

4. White Roses

5. Anything that can move fast and save on gas.

jessie_tri_mn said...

I'm late!

1) In HS I played clarinet in the marching band.

2) When I retire, I want to simplify.

3) I read Runners World, and also like Real Simple.

4) Calla Lily

5) Dream Car (fantasy): BMW Roadster.

Val said...

I'm REALLY late. Or maybe I'm early, since it's Monday ;)

1. Concert choir for me too.

2. Travel, snuggle babies in orphanages somewhere, enjoy the beach, read...

3. The only one I really read is Newsweek =/

4. Glads!

5. Navy blue new Volkswagon beetle. I can't help it. They look so classy! Obviously I don't want one now w/ two children, a Newfie, and all the crap (I mean luggage) that it takes to travel w/ said companions....... but someday! =D