Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thursday Thoughts

Good Thursday everyone! It's once again time for Thursday Thoughts, where I ask a series of questions for you to answer in the comments. It's mind-blowing or mind-numbing. Either way, it's fun! Today's goal: at least 10 commentors. So, tell you're friends and start answering.

1. What book are you currently reading?

2. If you could be a professional athlete of any kind, what sport would you choose?

3. How many states have you traveled?

4. What is the most interesting vacation you've ever taken?

5. What do you normally eat for breakfast?


Meredith said...

1. "Be True to Your School: A Diary of 1964" by Bob Greene.

2. Tennis because they get to travel a lot, make a lot of money, get to be out in the sun all the time, and I've got the hots for Andre Agassi.

3. 28

4. My trip to New York City was awesome last summer. I did the touristy thing by day and the locals thing by night.

5. Just a banana.

Holly Hicks said...

1. Beach House by James Patterson
2. baseball player; love the game and love traveling
3. at least 31 states
4. backpacking Europe
5. raisin bran

Cancer Sucks! said...

Your new purse? It looks like you have to provide it with AC. Is it worth it?

1. One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish.

2. Any sport, but I would insist upon amateur status.

3. Altered states of reality?

4. Resolute, Nunavut, Canada on the summer solstice to experience 24 hours of daylight. Oh and The Taj Mahal, Machu Picchu, Angkor Wat, Chartes Cathedral, Luxor/Karnak....

5. Fruit and carbohydrates

Dave said...

1. Just finished "The Independent Walker's Guide To Italy", no new book yet.

2. Probably baseball.

3. 46, I think.

4. Probably Hawaii on our honeymoon or some backpacking trips in Yellowstone.

5. Granola or Apple Cinnamon Cheerios are the usual staple. Today it was applesauce and Vicodin.

Aunt Beth said...

1. "Your Best Life Now" by Joel Osteen.

2. Golf (does that count?) I'm so not a "sporty" person.

3. I have no clue. I would guess 15??

4. Went across the U.S. (from OH to CA) we stopped to see anything and everything.

5. Coffee/bagel

jeff said...

1. The Fairy Tales of Herman Hesse - these things are not stories you'd read to your wee ones. they're dark, sad but colourful, all at the same time.

2. oh, boy...that's a good one. even though i'm a runner at heart, i'd love to ride in the peloton on one of the grand tours. so, professional cyclist.

3. um...all the western states, half of the central states, most of the eastern states and a handful of southern states. that makes 28, i think.

4. new zealand/australia in 2003 to run the gold coast marathon with my lovely wife.

5. fruit/protein shake:
2 cups orange juice
2 bananas
2 scoops soy powder from trader joes (about a half cup)
1 cup mixed berries
1 scoop vanila ice cream

Michelle said...

1. Passages from various pregnancy, childbirth, and child development books; board books--I really need to make a trip to the library or bookstore!

2. Does ballroom dancing count? ;-)

3. Do I include "just passing through" or flight layovers. If so, 10, I think.

4. I don't know if these would actually be classified as vacations, but either to New Orleans, La, for the 1998(?) Sugar Bowl or Honduras, on a missions trip.

5. I don't have a "normal". It changes from day to day.

(I never can just answer the questions straigh out, can I? :-)