Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mid-Lent Check Up

I think this is about the halfway point of lent. It’s time for a check up.

In our last episode it was revealed that Meredith would be giving up TV for lent. Duh, duh, duh! For those who know me, you know that is a HUGE feat. I watch TV like it is my lifeline. The first couple of days, and probably the whole first week, I definitely was going through withdrawal. I had the shakes; I would sweat; I became violent. No not really, although the violent part was more like really grumpy. Then it became “normal” and I started to get a lot of things accomplished and stopped thinking about all the TV I was missing.

I haven’t been 100% off of TV, though. When I’m over at my parents’ house I usually watch. It is on 100% of the time at their house—how do you think I became addicted to TV? Dave and I will turn on the TV to watch OSU basketball games. And we will turn on the TV if we have finished everything we need to accomplish and 8:00pm is too early to go to bed. But, we have only been turning it on to watch something specific and will turn it off as soon as that show is over.

So, for my midpoint check-up, I’d say I’m doing okay. I’ve found that I can live without TV. I’ve found that I also really enjoy the silence. I’ve gotten a TON done. And I’ve been reading enough to keep the library system alive all by myself. The no TV project will not last forever, but I think I can tone it down once Lent is over.


Val said...

I hear ya. You get used to it being on, but you can also get used to it being off. Most people think we're nuts because we only have one TV in our whole house. And you know what? I don't even use it, usually, unless Scott is home and we're watching something together! I just get so used to not using it I forget all about it. Now the Wii is a different story- it's a GREAT babysitter since they're not just sitting there! Muahahahaha. Oh, was that out loud? Hm...

Anonymous said...

sounds like you're doing pretty well. that usually works better than an all or nothing approach anyway. we had the TV on a lot, not all the time, at my parents house, but if it wasn't on, the radio was. ALL the time. so, I got used to always having music on in the background. until I went to Honduras for a week for a mission trip. I don't think I turned the TV on for at least a week, probably a lot more, when I got home, b/c I was so used to the silence. I'm sure I turned the radio/cd's on before that, but I don't remember when. good luck!