Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Time Is On My Side

Today is Fat Tuesday, which means tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. Although I'm not Catholic, I have always appreciated the Lenten season and have always tried to give up something, and usually something really difficult. In the past it's been chocolate and soda and eating out. So far, they've been difficult but doable.

I might have met my match. This year I have decided to give up TV. Yep, my sacred, glowing box. I don't know what I'm going to do with my time. Work on sewing, maybe. Or read more books.

And this isn't going to be easy to do even since there is a writer's strike. I have replaced my regular shows with other shows like Mythbusters and Intervention and anything on HGTV.

Am I crazy? Is this going to be too hard? What would you do with all this extra time?


Val said...

Read. Play lots of Scramble and Scrabulous on Facebook. Read some more. Do your own pedicure. Read another book. Deep clean your bathroom. Text too many people on your phone. Finish whatever quilting you have to do. Need more? =) Hehe!

Anonymous said...

oh! that's a great one! hard, but definitely doable. I've never been "deprived" of TV for the length of Lent, but have for shorter periods of time, and have found it gets easier the longer you go. (what, like we go through withdrawal or something? ;-)

ali said...

Here's an idea...
make a homemade valentine for your honey

Adrienne said...

Not watching TV is seriously the best gift you can give yourself! I swear. We only have one TV and it's in the basement...it makes it a chore to actually watch. So what do you do with your time... eat healthy foods-spend time cutting them up, keeping them stocked in your fridge, make yourself a special dinner every night. Call a different friend each night that you haven't talked to in a while. Read the book Eat, Pray, Love. Take up a new hobby like yoga or pilates to supplement your running workouts. Make handmade cards... What wouldn't you do?! Have FUN!