Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Word of the Day

What's the best way to describe how my training is going?


I am doing a horrible job at following my training plan. I have yet to run 30 miles in a week and last week I was supposed to do 46. By taking those two months off after the fall marathon I got a taste of "the good life" and now I have no motivation to run.

But the word of the day is rededicate. Starting this week I rededicate to my diet, my core exercises, and my miles--all my miles. The weather is supposed to be bad again this week.(Seriously, I thought there was global warming. What's with all the snow and ice?) But I've got to dedicate to doing my miles even if that means hours on a treadmill.


1 comment:

Andrea said...

46? I thought we only had 43 to do last week..