Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ruined My Birthday :(

I got an XM radio in December and ever since then I stopped listening to local radio. Combined with turning off my TV for six weeks, I have no idea what's going on in and around Columbus. This morning I drove the other car to work and heard on the local radio station that Michael Buble was coming to town. I LOVE Michael Buble! The station said they were giving away front row tickets on Thursday for the concert, so I kinda assumed the concert was Thursday too. I called the husband and asked him to purchase tickets, that I HAD to go. By the time I reached work I didn't have any messages or e-mails from him. I was sad. So I looked up the concert myself and saw that it was on April 16th. My 30th birthday! I called him again and asked him to purchase the tickets. He told me not to purchase them myself. A few minutes later I got an online greeting card from my mom. It was a birthday card. Weird, since my birthday isn't for another two months. Turns out, my parents had already purchased me tickets for my birthday, and I ruined the surprise. Either way, it is a great birthday present, and I can't wait to spend my birthday with Michael.


Anonymous said...

I just recently discovered Michael Buble--love him, too! so, if, for some reason, Dave can't make it to the concert with you, give me a call . . . .;-)

Jason said...

Meredith, you can always accompany Chad and I to the "Progressive Nation" tour, with Dream Theater, Opeth, 3 Inches of Blood, and Between the Buried and Me. I think you'd have a great time in the mosh pit.