Friday, April 04, 2008

April Showers....

...bring running in the rain. And since Dave and I both had an interval run and there is only one treadmill, running in the rain it was.

We ran two miles together and then started our intervals. Dave's workout called for 3 minutes on, 2 minutes off and my workout was 5 X 600 at 5K pace with a 400 jog in between. A 5K pace for me is right around a 7:00 mile, which would equate to a 2:37 600. I absolutely suck at pacing these intervals. My intervals were this:
By the time I finished I realized that I hadn't done enough warm-up to equate to 8 miles total (including my cool-down) so I had to do an extra long cool-down. My cool-down was WAY faster than my warm-up as it had started to rain heavily and being that I already have a head cold, I just wanted to get finished. Overall, it was a great workout and I am psyched for my half marathon this weekend and Boston in 2 weeks.

And did y'all see my beloved Buckeyes rip it up in the NIT final? Yeah, it was awesome!


Tri to Be Funny said...

Damn girl!!! Great splits...Isn't a taper in your near future?? Best of luck in Boston-I'll be following along! *thanks for the posts from you and Dave* It means soooo much!!

Oh yeah--Go Bucks! It may have been the NIT, but at least we finally won a championship again!!

Andrea said...

good job on the workout! I have been doing mine on the treadmill, and I know it's not the same (I'm not the one setting the pace). Have a great race this -end!