Tuesday, April 01, 2008

This Sucks

I checked the website today and it appears I did not get into the Nike Women's Marathon in October. I really had my hopes up for this one and I have to admit that I'm deeply disappointed.

Here's the thing that gets me...I had a 66% chance of getting in and I didn't. And looking at the results from last year, I would have placed in the top ten of my age group, which means I'm faster than like 85% of the women who are going to run this race. Shouldn't you be able to send them your running results and they should be able to select you based on your performances?

Now I'm without a fall marathon. Any ideas? Any suggestions? No offense to my friends, but I really wanted to run a different marathon than them this fall. I wanted to experience a race on my own. Or maybe I'll forgo the fall marathon all together and dig deep into the pockets and go see the Ironman Hawaii.

I'm really blue. :(

I wrote this post right after I found out and I was disappointed to say the least. Usually I thoroughly think out what I'm going to write so that I offend the least amount of people. I did not intend for this post to come across as "I am fast and therefore, should have gotten into the marathon." Frankly, I'm not even that fast. I hope I did not offend all of you out there. Everyone should have the chance to run a marathon no matter what their finish time is going to be. Finishing the race is reward enough.


Val said...

You're asking me? LOL Hmmm. I'll keep an ear out, but I'm betting your other buds will have ideas for you =) Have a wonderful week! Don't be blue- things are growing! It's Spring! FINALLY!

IM Able said...

Sorry, Meredith -- I've gotta say it. Marathons are not just for fast runners. If that were the case, a whole ton of runners wouldn't have the chance to enjoy the same experience.

Andrea said...

I'm assuming they asked for your projected finish time in your application? See, in that case I feel like, yeah, it should be relevant to their selection. The NYCM application is insanely long, they ask your times, your income, all sorts of stuff. It's like.. what, if I make a certain amount per year, that will impact my getting in? If they ask in the app process, you'd think it plays a role..

Meredith said...

Actually, no, they do not ask your projected finish time. They basically ask your name and credit card information.

Hugh said...

If you have never run, or considered it the Road Runner Akron Marathon (in your home state no less) is a gem of a marathon and I guarantee that once you run it you will want to return every year. Not your typical "flat, fast course" but still one that you can run a B.Q (Boston Qualifying) time, although I missed it by 28 SECONDS.
This event makes everyone feel like an athlete and everything around the event is first rate. As well as the normal swag they also give each marathon finisher a free pair of Brooks running shoes, and although I had never worn Brooks I find them as good as any Asics or Saucanys that I have ever worn (well maybe except my asics Gel Noosa Tri shoes which are the loudest running shoes on the planet)