Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My New Best Friend

Dave and I were at the pool together last Wednesday doing a speed workout. There was a girl in the lane beside us who was water running. She was working hard and it appeared she was rehabbing an injury. Dave and I were racing each other during the 50s and I’m sure splashing everybody in the one mile vicinity of the pool.

When we got to the end of the pool she said we were fast. We smiled and said thanks even though we knew she must know nothing about swimming, cause we are far, far away from fast. We asked her if she was rehabbing and she said she was. She had suffered a stress fracture in the half marathon a few weeks ago. She asked if we ran it and I said no because it was the week before Boston.

As we were talking she was getting out of the pool and she was ripped. She was so skinny and all muscle. Then she said….

“I won the race. I ran a 1:19.”

Dave and I smiled big and laughed a little. I said, “Who are you?” Then she said she was Lyndsi Benedict. I knew exactly who she was.

The best part is, she was really friendly. She said goodbye to us and memorized our names. I saw her again on Saturday at the pool and she said hi again both in the locker room and in the pool. I told her I had a long workout and she said she would stay in the pool as long as I was in the pool. She didn’t, but I thought that was super nice. I look forward to seeing her more and watching her kick some more butts (specifically mine) at races this summer.


Tri to Be Funny said...

Wow--an elite runner in Columbus?!? (just kidding) When I lived there, it was all about Taco Bell on Main Street in Reynoldsburg for me :-) Of course, when I come home, I STILL can't resist the urge to drive down E. Broad and hit the Skyline Chili and White Castles. Yes, two of the WORST foods that you only miss when you can't have them!

Oh and regarding the bike--I'm with you. I'm a much better runner than cyclist, but it's all about time in the saddle with focused workouts--pickups, hills, etc. No easy way around it. ugh

Meredith said...

OMG! I work on E. Broad Street in Reynoldsburg. I don't discuss work on the blog, but think...Big Black Box...know what I mean?

I usually hit the Chipotle and Panera on E. Main Street, though.

Dave said...

Where do we find these "hills" you speak of?