Monday, June 23, 2008

For My Dave

Dave and I have this running joke (sorta) where we find a song on our XM and dedicate it to the other person. The other day I chose Right Said Fred for Dave. Catch the drift?

Anyway, 9 years ago today, Dave and I started dating. When I first met Dave he was shy (sometimes I wish he still was) and he wasn't exactly what I would call athletic. We used to play tennis together every week--sometimes I would win, sometimes he would win--but that was the extent of his athletic abilities. The rest of time he spent pretending to be someone else online and playing video games.

He's not shy anymore, he plays less video games (some days), and his inner athlete has come out. He's learned to appreciate running and has completed three marathons. He's also excelled at fencing earning his ranking this past spring. And this summer he discovered he liked and was good at triathlon.

Today he made the bravest and boldest athletic move:

He signed up for Ironman.

Please go over to his site and send him some love.

This post I dedicate to my Dave.


Michelle said...

awww, so sweet!

Flatman said...

Wow...Dave is the MAN!!!